What’s in a Name?

They are not your ordinary names, I realize that. Some people just call them the “big one” or the “little one,” or the “dark one.” I assume that is because their names are not easy to say or understand. But, their names are special and mean so much to me. My dad grew up listening

Camels and the Terror Watch List

Our bucket list items have done many things for us. They have taken us to exotic lands. Introduced us to interesting people. Cost us a small fortune. Taught us new skills. Gifted us memorable moments. Even changed our life paths. All things, I suppose, are to be expected from solid bucket list items. But on

Why Camels?

Inevitably, this is the question posed to me more than any other. I suppose it is a fair one. Not too often do find a soul more enamored with them than me. My love affair with the desert beast started many years ago and the story of how it came to be is quite lengthy,